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The Infrastructure Development Part of Samsung C&T Corporation is a global infrastructure development arm offering services along the project organizing process, from consulting, engineering, financing to procurement, construction and O&M services. We cater to a large and diversified client base that includes governments and corporations worldwide.
Offering various infrastructure facilities that are necessary to our lives, we aim to contribute to improving lives of people around the world. Our constant endeavor to benefit various clients over the world with innovative services has led us to become a top-tier developer in healthcare, IT infrastructure, education, water supply and power transmission and substation.

Business Area


Project Organizing
With more than 100 regional offices around the globe, we explore and analyze infrastructure project opportunities in five primary business areas; Healthcare, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Power Transmission and Substation, Education and Training, and Water Treatment. Our strong presence and network in developing nations enable us to share a long-term vision with potential clients including government authorities and global corporations. Our experts equipped with a wealth of project experiences assist us to motivate the clients and partners to initiate an essential project to fulfill their vision.
The success of mega infrastructure projects stems from a carefully-drawn blueprint incorporating diverse partners from different industries. As a ‘Total Solution Provider’, we provide strategic guidance on project structuring, financing, risk management, and overall process of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction). We support clients to develop their strategic but initial ideas into tangible reality by advising the most efficient procedure and checkpoints of each stage. By guiding clients what to consider and what to do, they are able to have a profound insight into long-term economic and sociopolitical aspects, which is an integrated approach to their success.
We specialize in arranging and providing feasibility study and engineering works. Our array of technical expertise allows us to offer the best solution to comply with the clients’ request. We also greatly value what our clients highly consider – budget, deadline and quality. For the best quality within the limit of a project budget and timeline, there has to be a team of experts with rich working experience who know how to calibrate between different aspects of projects and deliver the optimal solution. The collaboration between our in-house engineers and a vast pool of professional partners in the industry proved itself its adequacy through the successful projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.
We provide full support for governments and private entities to finance their projects with Official Development Assistance (ODA) loans, development funds, export credit, and also with commercial loans and private equity funds. As one of the first developers of ODA loans in Korea, we maintain a close relationship with Korean Export Credit Agencies, such as K-EXIM and K-SURE for a long time to help the governmental clients to finance the infrastructure projects. In addition to the Korean ODA Loan, we are capable of securing funds from Multilateral Agencies and renowned international financial institutions to provide a competitive solution with a minimum impact on the financial situation of the clients.
Supply and Build
We supply equipment and/or build facilities as a sole contractor or as a member of joint venture. As a packager, we have been in a strong partnership with various international manufactures, which allows us to procure the most competitive items for projects. We have in-house experts in planning and procuring equipments for the optimal supply. Not only do we utilize our in-house engineers in implementing construction projects but also we team up with reliable construction partners while taking account of their specific strengths in the business areas and the regions.
We aim to deliver effective and efficient O&M (Operation and Maintenance) in a timely manner with our capability to resolve sociopolitical challenges and our commitment towards environmental responsibility. A project is not completed unless it is functioning and operating thoroughly. We provide Operation and Maintenance service by utilizing competent partners in the area serving decades of successful operation in Korea and around the world as well.

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